Serrantoni srl, has 50 years of experience in the construction of envelopes and screens for industrial and tertiary buildings.

With the brand IES PHO Involucri e schermi bipv (trade mark serrantoni), is dedicated to research and development of photovoltaic systems, integrated in the building envelope, offering the most efficient energy solutions, and the construction elements having the simplest and cheapest maintainance.

His team of technicians, implemented the project specifications, develop them in construction details, testing systems and materials , on specially made prototypes, helping to improve the project itself, before drafting the executive drawings.

Realizes components, in an optimized context, according to the logic of total quality management.

Dedicated checklist are drafted, to ensure the optimal functioning of each component of the system, and to verify during assembly, the correct methods and installation sequences.

Realizes the architectural work, by the installation of photovoltaic systems integrated in the building envelope, for the generation and management of renewable energy. Can make photovoltaic panels with any graphics and color combination, or in imitation of any building material, even marble or wood, thanks to a new digital printing technology on glass, with ceramic inks. Monocrystalline silicon solar cells, are included inside the panel, consisting of two tempered glasses.

With the amorphous silicon technology, applied to the insulating glazing, for the construction of curtain walls and skylights, is possible to obtain bright environments, thanks to the maintenance of the transparency properties of the glass, with the advantage of being able to obtain electric current from the brightness of the sky, even in conditions of low solar radiation.